Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Monkey Unicorn Pullovers

These are some experimental sweaters I've recently done. I had a great time using the new fabrics I got at a sale a while ago. There's a church near me that has a yearly fabric sale where all the members bring in fabric they no longer want, and all proceeds go to Grandmothers in Africa. There's a whole basement full of fabric with lots of old ridiculous things that you wouldn't be able to find in a store. And great bargains!!

Anyways, to make these one of a kind sweaters, I first silk-screened the silly creature onto the plain fabric, then sewed together the plain and complementary patterned fabric, and then sewed that onto the sweater itself. Time consuming. I really like how they turned out though! 

I want to adopt one for myself, but I'm having trouble deciding which one I like the best. I kind of want them all... 

1 comment:

Chika Ando said...

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Who's that hot model!

I am amazed that you still fit in a XS. You're tiny!