Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Stuff

This is a late birthday card that I gave my sister at the end of our travels. I thought of all the most memorable moments and the neatest things we did and saw and drew them on the card.

This is a card my sister and I sent the parents from New Zealand for their 34th wedding anniversary. All I had was pens to draw with. I chose an animal from each of the countries we'd visited and had them relaying the message. Then on the back are my sister and I wearing cute dresses we'd picked up along the way, saying hello.

This is a commissioned painting (2 by 6 feet) I did for a friend. I saw where the painting was supposed to live, and then was given complete freedom to do whatever I wanted. This is what happened. All the white trees were silk screened onto the wood, and the bottom stripy part is scrap fabric from an old sweater of my mother's that I shortened so I could wear it. So much fun!