Tuesday, October 14, 2008


The next three are hand-sewn t-shirt designs that I made to sell at some art markets this summer. I still have some for sale and can always do up more if ever I run out!

The following are silk-screened designs that I did in a course this fall. SUCH FUN!!!!! Also selling these...


This is just a silly surfing poster. I like surfing.

Children of the World

I was asked to do a mural in a sunday school room at my church. I was given the theme "Children of the World." Cute! The words are from an old church hymn.


These are some paintings I threw together for a group show at Oolong . Very silly.

This one is just an experiment.

Art Attack Apron

I did an apron for the silent auction at art attack this year, and had much fun sewing on eggs and ridiculous little drawings in thread, all related to food of course...

Book related stuff

The following two are for a fellow I know who is writing a memoir of his childhood and wanted an illustration of the farm he grew up on. It was quite the undertaking... I like how it turned out though.
I also did a book cover for a woman who is self-publishing her book. She had a rather clear idea of what she wanted......pencil rendering.... oh boy....

Friday, October 10, 2008

and more fourth year...

The following ink drawings are for a short story I wrote that I sadly have not finished. I mean, I have finished writing it, but not illustrating it... I've kind of been second guessing the direction I took, and have been thinking of kind of starting over. Or at least trying some different media and whatnot... Still unsure... Man would I really love to finish it though...

More fourth year

Fourth Year Stuff...

These are seasonal banners that were designed for a storefront window display type thing. They're fun because there's a guy living in the bear's stomach. How silly.

Hooray! Let the fun begin!

So I have finally decided to share my lovely art with all and to make an attempt to keep it updated and the like. Oh boy! I'll post some fourth year stuff for now I suppose...