Thursday, April 29, 2010

Promotional Piece

This is a promotional piece I'm printing in postcard from and sending out to people who will see it, like it, and then hire me! That's the general idea anyways...

My goal is to send one out every fours months-ish. Each one will feature a quote that I find interesting or inspirational and my visual interpretation of the quote. Fun stuff!

Oh yes, and I thought it would be neat to show some process on this one.

I start out with a very rough sketch just to get ideas out. Yup. Pretty amazing drawing skills displayed on the first sketch. Then I do a nice line drawing in pen. Which I then scan and add colours to and play around with in photoshop to get some idea of what I want to do.

In the colour comp for this one, there's a bit too much going on and not enough contrast, so I fixed these things for the actual final painted version which is acrylics for the background, fabric, and gouache for the "drawn" part. And that, is how it's done!


Sheryl said...

Fabulous as always Heather!!!

Chika Ando said...

LOVE it!!! Love Love it!!!!!