Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New shirt design ideas!!!!

Ok... I've been itching to do up some more t-shirts, and here's some designs I've come up with! The last one says Gadzooks! and while I like the idea of splitting it into three rows I'm wondering if it's too confusing that way, or if it really matters if it can be read easily.... So I was thinking maybe just two rows. Thoughts?

These are of course just the black and whites which help me figure out how it my ideas will work as stencils with no floating white spaces and whatnot. Once I cut out the stencils and go to silk-screen them they will be all colourful and much more exciting!

Now all I have to do is order me some shirts. Oh yes, and figure out ways to actually sell them.... sigh...

1 comment:

sarah said...

haha! I'm the first to comment!! I love <3 the "Zap" artwork. I think you should add an embrodery element to it (like your beer ghost shirt) to make it POP. And that GADZOOKS shirt is cool too. I want them both. on black.